What I Did Today 07/14/15

  • On July 14, 2015 ·
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Today my sinuses have been acting up and I slacked off more than I’d like. The problem with not getting anything done early is it becomes a motivation killer as you look at the uphill climb. The first half of the day I’d been debating going back to bed with my stomach and head bothering me. I napped a little this evening and I want to get some work done before I turn in.

It’s been rainy here lately. Muggy when the sun’s up, cool but damp otherwise. I usually prefer to work early in the daylight hours but tonight I’ll be burning some midnight oil. Considering I spent most of my weekend working on podcast stuff I don’t feel too bad about a slack day. Time to relax and recharge is good provided more time is spent being productive later. Tomorrow I’ll sleep in a bit, see if a later wakeup keeps me from getting a headache.