What I Did Today 07/13/15

  • On July 13, 2015 ·
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Got up early this morning and added some backgrounds/props to an animation in Harmony. I added some 3D wall panels and tightened up some of the stuff that was there. It’s an into/outro segment and so far I’ve been focusing on the intro part. Next time I’ll probably do some work on the outro and then start animating the intro.

I cleaned up the shading on the first page of my new webcomic and decided to launch it today. I keep going back to Frenden’s Photoshop Round Wet and Round Steeper Pressure Curve for Manga Studio. The wet has just the right amount of smear while the steeper is good for blasting white back into an over-done gradient. I’m really looking forward to this comic. I’m releasing it weekly for now while I try and build up a buffer.