Daily Doodle – 11/23/14 – Archer

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Daily Doodle - 11-23-14 - Archer

Archer is a show about spies. Except when it became about cocaine dealing. Aisha Tyler, voice of Lana Kane, describes it’s humor as “smilthy,” a mix of smutty and filthy. It’s a pretty apt description. It’s one of those shows where extreme personalities bounce off each other and get put in crazy situations. I knew when I put this drawing on my list it was going to be very reference-heavy. The characters have very specific looks and are more realistically drawn than most. That, coupled with how crazy yesterday’s doodle was and how tired I’ve been this weekend means this one is staying in doodle form until I can come back to it.

I’d like to take this time to announce I’m taking a break from the Daily Doodle. It’s been a fun exercise in putting stuff up regularly but I’m also starting to burn out. I think I’ve been approaching it wrong. I’ve been trying to make each day’s entry a finished piece rather than a chance to practice and experiment. I’ll come back to it when I figure out what I want to do with it and after the crazy holiday season.

Daily Doodle – 11/22/14 – Over the Garden Wall

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Daily Doodle - 11-22-14 - Over the Garden Wall

Over the Garden Wall is a miniseries that ran on Cartoon Network recently. It’s about two boys trying to find their way home through strange woods while avoiding the Beast. It takes many winding twists and turns through it’s story but it all comes together elegantly.

Daily Doodle – 11/21/14 – ParaNorman

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Daily Doodle - 11-21-14

ParaNorman is a beautiful stop motion film. You can just feel that the people making it are pouring themselves into every frame. It’s fun, the designs are unique, and as tumblr would say hits you right in the feels.

Daily Doodle – 11/20/14 – Don’t Starve

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Daily Doodle - 11-20-14

Don’t Starve has become one of my favorite games. It’s pretty harsh survival done in a cartoony Tim Burton/Edward Gorey style. It can be hard but that only makes it all the more rewarding when you progress and last longer.

Daily Doodle – 11/19-14 – Rick & Morty

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Daily Doodle - 11-19-14

Today’s fan art doodle is for Rick & Morty. Originally a parody of Doc and Marty from Back to the Future, this show has some wild scifi stories and the animation when the action heats up is great.

Daily Doodle – 11/18/14 – Gravity Falls

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Daily Doodle - 11-18-14

Gravity Falls has quickly become one of my favorite TV shows. It’s cute while at the same time being genuinely entertaining and intriguing. Again unfinished as my hand cramped up enough from doing the outlines so I’m saving the rest of it for a later date. Might try going over this again with a different brush as the variable width I was using doesn’t match with the lines on the show. Perhaps I’ll even try it in Harmony and see if I’m more satisfied there.

Daily Doodle – 11/17/14 – Wreck-It Ralph

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Daily Doodle - 11-17-14

This week’s doodle theme is fan art. I don’t really do much fan art. Probably because it reminds me of when I was a younger artist either tracing or copying and I got worried it’d be a crutch. Making fan art can be fun and I’ve seen some people who are great at taking existing characters and providing their own spin on them. Though I’m a little obsessive about staying on model, I’d like to try my hand at making little tributes to stuff I enjoy.

First on the list is Wreck-It Ralph which is a really cute little film. I think people tend to be harder on it because they were hoping for the video game equivalent of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? instead of taking the movie on it’s own. This one isn’t finished yet as most of the lines are done but shading/rendering (color?) hasn’t happened yet. My hand hurts too much so I’m sharing what I have right now.

Daily Doodle – 11/16/14 – Magical Kaiju Girls

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Daily Doodle - 11-16-14

Returning to the idea of kaiju I figured I’d mash it up with the concept of magic girls to make “Magical Kaiju Girls” that get their powers from different monsters. No clue if this has been done before or who I might be enraging with it. It’s an interesting enough idea I figure somebody’s got to have come up with it by now.

Daily Doodle – 11/15/14 – Space Western

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Daily Doodle - 11-15-14

Today’s doodle is a variation on a painting I started a few years back. “Space Western” is a bit more common of a concept these days. There’s just something about the idea of a helmet cracking in space that’s terrifying and makes you realize why the giant fish bowl design is impractical yet so fun to draw.

Daily Doodle – 11/14/14 – Robot Dragons

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Daily Doodle - 11-14-14

When I think “Robot Dragons,” I picture the different type of dragons I know of. There’s the stereotypical medieval dragon, the asian serpentine kind you see in parades and art a lot, and then I tried combining elements that are dragon-ish like bat wings and a cobra’s head. At this point it gets more cyborg than robot, unless that head is mechanical. It’s an interesting idea engineering a creature. I saw a special where they discussed devolving birds into dinosaurs versus crossbreeding other animals. Then I think of the times in film and literature where other things are viewed as dragons like construction equipment while demolishing a home. Like anything else, the design comes down to the story behind the dragon. Who made it? Is it advanced or primitive? Aggressive or friendly? These are things to consider when brainstorming.