Daily Doodle – 11/23/14 – Archer

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Daily Doodle - 11-23-14 - Archer

Archer is a show about spies. Except when it became about cocaine dealing. Aisha Tyler, voice of Lana Kane, describes it’s humor as “smilthy,” a mix of smutty and filthy. It’s a pretty apt description. It’s one of those shows where extreme personalities bounce off each other and get put in crazy situations. I knew when I put this drawing on my list it was going to be very reference-heavy. The characters have very specific looks and are more realistically drawn than most. That, coupled with how crazy yesterday’s doodle was and how tired I’ve been this weekend means this one is staying in doodle form until I can come back to it.

I’d like to take this time to announce I’m taking a break from the Daily Doodle. It’s been a fun exercise in putting stuff up regularly but I’m also starting to burn out. I think I’ve been approaching it wrong. I’ve been trying to make each day’s entry a finished piece rather than a chance to practice and experiment. I’ll come back to it when I figure out what I want to do with it and after the crazy holiday season.