What I Did Today 07/15/15

  • On July 15, 2015 ·
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Last night I finished the shading on next week’s comic before bed. Tonight I finished the next week’s. I used to have trouble working in the evenings. I think it was a result of trying to keep studio hours and free time separate. I’m starting to relax on evening work in the studio as I put on some music and ease into it. It also helps when I get a lot of the planning and decision-making out of the way so I’m working on things that require a more instinctive reaction. “No, that’s too dark,” or, “No, this color doesn’t look right next to this one.” People tend to carry a lot of stuff with them that you have to unpack before you can do the thing you’re trying to do. Ever have the family member try to tell you about something and they eat up time explaining superfluous stuff? Who the people are, how they’re related, what they brought to the potluck three years ago‚Ķ When decisions are made ahead of time you can focus on the task at hand.