WordPress 2.8

  • On June 12, 2009 ·
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I updated all my sites to WordPress 2.8 once the built in updater recognized it was available. Things went smoothly on all of them except for this one. (Which I expected since I was running a lot of plugins in my attempts to fold all the other sites under this install.) I removed everything from the plugins directory besides what comes standard and that got rid of the error message. It also got rid of everything else. So I just decided to do an entirely fresh install since I’d been meaning to for some time, anyway. I’m pretty much back to where I was before the update, excluding the new features of the latest version, except one of my plugins needs to be fixed before I can use it.

I’m hoping I can get a replacement for whichever one is causing the problem or it gets upgraded soon. I’m not going to consider any one plugin critical to the changes I’m making because then I’d be in pretty big trouble every time there’s a new version out. However I’d rather rely on activating a few instead of having to dig into code and add functionality that way, both because that’s more complicated to do and it’s a lot easier to break with every upgrade.

On the top of my To Do list right now is decide on a unified theme, at least something of a unified header design so the pages and different sections look the same. I tried incorporating the blog theme on all the sites but really dropped the ball when it came to styling the ComicPress theme to look like the others. It didn’t help that I was unfamiliar with the new CP coding and that the headers are very different by design. I really need to go in and tweak the default to something I’m comfortable with, something I can then use on all the other sections of the site as I activate them.