What I Did Today 10/09/15

  • On October 9, 2015 ·
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Watch me play Don’t Starve in my new Let’s Play series NoRights Plays…!

Woke up tired this morning. Thought I’d sleep in a bit to see if I could get over it. Went for dinner and some errands with mom in the afternoon. Got a wired Xbox 360 controller to see if it handled better on some games than my wireless PS3 controller. (If I’d done wireless I’d have needed a separate dongle.) So far the answer is no. The games that detected the old controller recognized the new one but having one for a 360 didn’t help with the games I had to use a key mapper for. My feelings about controller support are the same as porting to Mac – if players are doing it on their own developers have no excuse.

I got some frappuccino to wake up and was going to see what I could work on in the evening. I fiddled around with my green screen setup to try and improve the let’s play videos for a bit. The studio’s cramped and I need better lighting. Then Frank video called me because he wanted to try Minecraft on the server I set up. I thought he wanted to do that Saturday after the podcast but whatever. Spent a good deal of time just getting his account set up. I recorded it but my mic input was selected properly so we’ll need to play some more later. This is also why I’m writing this at 1 in the morning on Saturday.

So yeah, not the most productive day though I stayed busy. Tomorrow’s going to be busy, too, as I try to upgrade my phone and some other stuff before the podcast.