Bring Me The Head of Charlie Brown

  • On December 16, 2009 ·
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I’ve got topics for posts and at least one podcast waiting to be edited but right now I’m at this point in production where I need to get as much done a day as I can. I don’t want to half-ass anything in terms of blog posts or other content so that means dedicating my time where it needs to be. I’m hoping to launch the new comic at the start of the new year but we’ll still have to see. I could blog every day or I could finish up inking and working on these pages and blog once they’re done. You can either follow the site’s RSS or you could follow me on twitter as that way you get both site updates as they come as well as my random ramblings.

Today I’m going to share a quick little video, Bring Me The Head of Charlie Brown. This is a 1986 student film by Jim Reardon, director and storyboard consultant on The Simpsons. It’s black and white and rather rough, but that’s the fun of it. It’s violent, crazy, and exactly what a student film should be.