What I Did Today 10/12/15

  • On October 12, 2015 ·
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Remember New Coke? Check out this week’s Billy Badass!

Watch me play Don’t Starve in my new Let’s Play series NoRights Plays…!

This morning I roughed out a few ideas for a project I’ll be starting. Then I inked about half the Halloween page. I’m just going to focus on getting that one done since there’s lots of details and I’d rather get it out of the way to avoid bottleneck. Had lunch this afternoon with dad and this evening he wanted to check out my old cellphone to see if he was interested in it. It wouldn’t verify properly at his place so we’ll try later at mine.

I keep feeling like I’m only doing half the work I’m capable of in a day. I suspect it’s from working too long on the same project. Not exactly sure how to change things up and still get the main thing done. I’m going to try doing some more gestures/studies/drawings for fun since I got Mischief. Hopefully I can pick the Daily Doodle habit back up and record some WIP videos. Taking a break from drawing to do more drawing might not be the easiest thing but I’ll see what happens.