What I Did Today 07/28/15

  • On July 28, 2015 ·
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Remember when MC Hammer was the Saturday morning superhero Hammerman? Check out my webcomic Billy Badass for more!

Today was a non-art day as I cleaned up and added stuff to the guide I’m giving away when people join my mailing list. I still need to type up some more of those newsletters and to configure the sign up form for the site. I’ve just been very distracted lately and need to get that out of the way. There always just seem to be so many things to do and I have trouble finding the time for just one or two. Then the site starts spurting water and I have to plug a hole somewhere. It’s just so very easy to look up and realize, “Where’d this six months go?”

I’ve been trying to focus on what’s important to me, what I need to get done. But then there’s all the tangental stuff, or the time you spend a week doing something that isn’t really related to the goal you’re trying to achieve. So much time can get sucked away by things with good intentions. The best advice I’ve seen is to build systems so you’re not thinking just doing. My problem is my systems either get screwed up by other people or by myself when I don’t want to follow them.