What I Did Today 07/27/15

  • On July 27, 2015 ·
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Remember when MC Hammer was the Saturday morning superhero Hammerman? Check out my webcomic Billy Badass for more!

Today’s been a slower, more relaxing day. Slept in, went for lunch with dad, flipped through art magazines at Barnes & Noble, and spent some time doodling gestures of my little pin up mascot. I like drawing her and I want to do some bigger pieces of her. For now my focus this week is to relax, doodle to play around and explore, and to just enjoy drawing and animating again. I like┬ámy work and every so often I need to remind myself how fun it is. Or maybe I just need to allow myself to remember how much fun it is. As long as I’m drawing, even if it’ll never become a finished piece, it’s productive on some level.