What I Did Today 07/24/15

  • On July 24, 2015 ·
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Did you know there was a Little Shop of Horrors cartoon? Check out my webcomic Billy Badass to find out more!

Spent the morning coloring a page. There were more little details than previous updates so it took awhile longer. I also discovered Manga Studio has a context menu for “copy all these layers and flatten them into one” though it added a white layer to the bottom. (or at least it did when I used it) I started on another page but after a phone call I was just in a bad mood the rest of the evening.

I think after I get these three pages I’ve got done I’ll take a break and work on another project for a bit. I miss animating and trying to work on comics and animate in the same day doesn’t really work unless I’m flying on all cylinders or something’s almost done already.