What I Did Today 07/29/15

  • On July 29, 2015 ·
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Remember when MC Hammer was the Saturday morning superhero Hammerman? Check out my webcomic Billy Badass for more!

Set my alarm for 5 this morning, woke up on my own around 3. I put together a link image for the homepage to point to Billy Badass.

Billy Badass Gif

If you get the reference, give yourself five points and a pat on the back. Then click it and check out my comic 😉

I spent the later half of the day editing a Let’s Play video. I started on another one but by then I was burnt out and it was time to grab dinner and go grocery shopping. I’m trying to get things done in order. I’ve had this footage for awhile and I need to get it edited, uploaded, and scheduled for release. Then I can write some more newsletters, configure the sign up form, and get things rolling on that.

You’ve probably noticed the ads are gone right now. I was getting error messages and pages were failing to load. I needed to retool the way I display ads anyway so I’ll take a day somewhere and deal with it.