What I Did Today 05/26/15

  • On May 26, 2015 ·
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Today was spent penciling and inking pages. Things are coming along nicely now that it’s all drawing. I’m going to get a week’s worth done before I color or shade anything. That way I can take a little time to make up my mind and then go for all of them. It’s rejuvenating to see the clean inks when I hide the sketch layers. The plan for tomorrow is to pencil whatever’s missing early. I love inking but when you finish one page diving into an empty one becomes daunting. I work better when I convince myself, “Oh, just this little part to finish.”

In other news, I’ve come up with an idea for bringing back the WIP posts. I’d like to try doing something of a behind the scenes series. Before I was doing like a journal with it but now I’m thinking over-all structure. Treat it more like the podcast or a TV show with seasons. Then I can divvy things up for the various places I want to put them. It came to me tonight so I’m going to stew on it a few days. This is the kind of planning you sleep on so you wake up with ideas. I want to bring back Daily Doodles, too, but I need to build up a bunch of them so I’m not sharing all that I have every day. It would be a good daily exercise to let myself draw whatever I want for a set time each day but I suspect it’d be best to do a lot of it over a weekend or something and slowly incorporate it into my routine.