What I Did Today 05/22/15

  • On May 22, 2015 ·
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Spent today sorting out word balloons and panel borders. I don’t wanna sound controversial or anything, but I personally prefer rounded rectangular balloons. Ovals look a little pointy and make it harder to fit bigger blocks of text. Manga Studio has word balloon tools, which are nice though they’re basically the same as having shapes with layer effects in Photoshop. I’m going for a slightly imperfect hand-drawn kinda look. Basically it’s the same reason I went with a font based on my handwriting. The trick is to not over do it and get something wonky.¬†Things are coming together. I just need to block in some more pages of balloons and borders so I can spend my time¬†drawing again. Now that I’ve figured out the process I’ll hopefully speed it up.