What I Did Today 05/21/15

  • On May 21, 2015 ·
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Slept in today as I mentioned I would. It was nice to sleep uninterrupted by an alarm. The plan tonight is to get in bed once I’m done posting and hopefully get up early tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes. I have the most energy to work in the morning. When I wake up later it seems I get less done. I’d really like that to just be a psychosomatic thing so I can train myself to work all day. I think what it is is striking the balance between enjoying what I’m making and finishing something quantifiable. When I’m enjoying myself I’m left with doodles. When I’m working to finish something I get anxious I’m not going to finish on time and I lose the fun of making. It’s a delicate balance I’ve posted about before on the blog. It’s hard to talk to people about it because often they’ll either think I’m making excuses or tell me I don’t have anything to worry about. Neither of those is good to hear. Nobody wants to be told, “Oh please, you don’t have real problems…” I think it’s good to address we all have insecurities, they matter to us because we’re all human beings with thoughts and feelings, and sometimes they take up more brain space than they should. That’s the best way to get over them, I find.

Today I decided to resize the font for the pages I’ve worked on so far to a size that will scale better. (33.2, to be exact) I also looked at a model sheet I made and realized I’d been drawing my main character’s teeth wrong. That’s a good thing to catch before pages go live, I’d say. I did some experimenting with different brushes and I’ll be doing some more later. Hopefully I’ll have a good play with them tomorrow.