What I Did Today 05/19/15

  • On May 19, 2015 ·
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Spent today doing some more penciling and inking. Adjusted the kerning on the font so I had to move words around. It’s legible at print and high res but when it shrinks down to dashboard size it’s too small. Bumping it up so it scales better makes it harder to work around. I should probably be drawing the roughs at the smallest size first just to make sure it all reads. Still bouncing between Manga Studio and Photoshop with the lettering and drawing. Of course I’ve been drawing in vector which doesn’t save to .psd but allows me to switch sizes so it’s important for these first few pages until I work things out. Also confused why a vector layer can’t have a fill but whatever.

Stylistically I’m a little conflicted. I like when things flow and look clean. This results in simple lines. My brain keeps telling me that’s wrong, that these are illustrations not animations, so they need to be more detailed. I might be stressing too much over it. I just need to get in the zone while drawing and cut anything that gets in the way. Maybe if I take more frequent breaks.