What I Did Today 05/18/15

  • On May 18, 2015 ·
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Today I went back to penciling. The template changes I made last week meant the page I penciled needed some reworking. I also started another page rather than inking. I’m trying to get used to Manga Studio’s lettering tool which is different from Photoshop’s but not hard to understand. I just keep accidentally clicking wrong and dragging. I tend to marque a square for text in Photoshop since it lets you control the area the font runs into. Manga Studio acts more like when you click and type with creating a string of text. It’s also really easy to accidentally resize text because it gets surrounded by scaling dots I keep hitting while trying to edit. As I’m writing/lettering pages I’m stress testing the font. It needs to stay at the different sizes I’m zoomed to. This led to redrawing the “e” so it’s not mistaken for a “c” as well as scaling the period and comma. I think kerning’s going to be next on the fix agenda though I want to get more art done before I fiddle with that.

Saw Age of Ultron yesterday. I found it fun just likeĀ Avengers was. It had a lot of plot threads running together but it is kind of the spoke for the Marvel movie wheel so that’s to be expected. As the movie started I was trying to plot out some coming pages of the new comic but my brain immediately pushed ideas for another project out. This just reinforces my claim that if you want to generate a lot of ideas just try to work on something else. Set a deadline for something and ideas will come crawling out of the woodwork, “You could be working on me instead!”