Status of the Blog 5-28-10

  • On May 28, 2010 ·
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Site News

WordPress 3.0 is currently in Release Candidate which means the final version should be dropping soon. Webcomic 3 is also on the way shortly. Once they’re both out I’m going to simplify the site a bit. I don’t plan to spend very long on it as I’d rather have a site that’s functional and updating as opposed to wasting my time playing with bells and whistles. The goal is to make things load fast, look nicer, and to make it all more navigable. I’m mentioning this mostly for the folks who manage their own sites but the casual visitor will probably see the changes as well. I don’t expect it to be drastically different but I’ve been holding onto things from older versions and now I’m just gonna start fresh.

Comic News

I haven’t forgotten about 2071, (Or my other comics for that matter) I’ve just been busy with other projects. I’ve been sorting out some freelance and, if you’ve been following my twitter, working on some digital painting. I have a pretty decent knowledge of Photoshop, I just never spent much time painting with it. I’ve mostly used traditional media and Painter for that.

I still have one more page of Chapter 1.0 to put up, which will serve as a proper cliffhanger. I think I know what the process is going to be like for working on that chapter and I’m pretty excited about it. This comic has always been a bit different and bigger scope than my other work. I’m treating it more and more like production work on a movie as opposed to a simple comic.