Status of the Blog 7-30-10: Premier of NoRightsTV

  • On July 30, 2010 ·
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Site News

Watch the video for the general news update. Scroll below to read some specifics.

We’ve gone through some changes under the hood you’ve probably noticed already. This site will become my general blog/news page as well as a hub for all my creative endeavors. Lil’ Reaper Books will become the store site where I’ll eventually be stocking merch. Towniescomics and Grim & Saddam have their own sites again. I’ll customize them when I have the time for it. Right now I need to focus on drawing comics.

Where’s 2071?

2071 is a special case. It exists in it’s own universe story-wise and I want to have a site where I can add stories that come before or after it in the timeline. I haven’t settled on a new domain that fits the entire series just yet. (And the most obvious domain right now is taken) So for now you can read the archives here. I’ll post the last page of sub-chapter 1.0 on the new site when it goes live.

What’s NoRightsTV?

Lately I’ve been feeling the “productions” in No-Rights Productions has sorely been neglected. The idea was always to start with comics and transition into doing films and other multimedia as well. I consider myself an animator at heart and I have plans for a number of film projects. The only way I’m going to get into posting and editing videos is to actually do it. So you’ll see video blogs, interviews, tutorials, reviews… pretty much anything I can think to add there.