Status of the Blog 04/29/15

  • On April 29, 2015 ·
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Here’s a quick update on my Stencyl Jam 15 entry. I spent most of April working on a roguelike dungeon generation system. I got pretty far but realized after awhile it would take more refining time than I had for the competition. So last week I started on another game idea. This means tweaking the goals on the project page, since I’m not going to have time to knock out two builds. Right now I’m working to get a functional prototype done as soon as possible so I can spend my time finishing sprite animations and the like.

Shadow Fighter

You play a security guard fending off apparitions in the shadows with your trusty flashlight. So far I’ve been building all the assets like sprites and background tiles, working out how things interact with each other. I’m currently testing how the enemies attack and laying out levels. I learned a lot with the shooting gallery I put together awhile back and I’ll be using similar approaches for the menu screens. It’ll be a bit of a crunch but we’ll see if we can meet the deadline.