Status of the Blog 04/02/15

  • On April 2, 2015 ·
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March was a busy month as I worked on 4 different things that had many smaller things inside them. I won’t go into it here unless I hear back about any of them, but I finished them on time without going insane. I consider that an achievement.

Site-wise we had a memory error pop up out of nowhere. I had a fix I was going to implement but then I decided to try updating the version of PHP I was running and that seems to have fixed it. Site optimization is one of those things you have to take the time to work on. I just hate when something jumps up and I have to spend the day tracking down what stopped working. It’d be great if errors gave you context instead of vague messages like “FATAL ERROR” and a number.

April’s current project is Stencyl Jam 15. I’ll be posting the prototypes I put together on the site for people to test and provide feedback. I have an idea for the type of game I want to make but I’d like to build this one differently than I’ve done with others in the past. I’m going to tinker with mechanics and features, see if I can make them fun to play with, and then build the game up around them.