Status of the Blog 03/06/15

  • On March 6, 2015 ·
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When you build and customize a site with as many moving parts as mine, it’s like running a boat that’s regularly springing holes. You’re always running around plugging a new one up and panning out the water. The changes I made to the Podcast archive broke it so I reworked that. It’s still not exactly how I want it, but I’d rather it be functional. At some point the Portfolio images weren’t showing up in their individual posts. That’s fixed now. The home page should be displaying some more current links. I’ll be putting up more as I finish them. I added a Project List page where I’ll be adding things I’m working on so I can track their progress. I don’t like announcing things and seeing them lost in the shuffle any more than waiting until I’m completely done with something before I can even bring it up. I want to share works in progress here but it’s akin to presenting myself in the morning before a shower with my hair uncombed and my shirt hastily buttoned wrong.

Project-wise I spent the first half of last week working on a Thing I’m Writing™ then dove back into animating. Collecting resources, testing them, and taking screenshots, though useful, feels very academic. I’ll appreciate the research when I get back to actually writing but right now I want to be drawing.

Toddy’s Closet is progressing. I’m working my way through the rough animation right now. This means breaking down the storyboard sequences into more poses. You learn a lot about the character in deciding how they move between the storytelling shots. Once that’s done it’s back to inbetweening and cleanup. Then backgrounds, effects, and final mixing.

In newsletter news, I’m trying to spend weekends writing entries so there will be plenty of quality content for folks who sign up for it. The free guide I’ll be offering is done, save a few more links I want to add. I’d just like to get it thoroughly proofread. I’ve also shot some exclusive video for it I’ll probably edit on a weekend. Weekends are a bit of a break from my usual work routine and a chance to complete things.

Speaking of video, every time I sit down to play a game I’m recording it for Let’s Plays I’ll be posting to my YouTube channel in the near future. I’ve started editing some of them. Mostly I’m focusing on getting material recorded so I can spend weekends or evenings editing.