Daily Doodle – 10/19/14 – Shooting Gallery Flash Game Prototype

  • On October 19, 2014 ·
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*UPDATE: Future Ben here. I’m taking this project offline so it’s not a security concern for the site. I’ve got more interactivity planned in the future but with more secure, up to date tech*

You know how they say the last 10% is the hardest to complete? That’s pretty true, though sometimes it feels like a whole lot more than 10%. Budgeting 3 days of coding was good though I probably should have focused on the different play modes first and left the menu screens for the last bit. The play modes had a habit of breaking whenever I added something new, which meant tracking down bugs. There’s a few I wasn’t able to get that are either Stencyl specific or Flash debugger specific. (Specifically one with the custom bullseye mouse cursor where the score and other text jumped around it instead of where they were supposed to be) There’s also something up with my high score code that causes a second game to not start properly. I figure I’ll go over it again sometime when I’ve got fresher eyes to look at it. As it stands it’s playable and a satisfactory coding exercise.