NoRights Podcast: S2E7 – Animation Exercises

  • On March 4, 2013 ·
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This week’s episode is a little hard to get across on an audio podcast since it deals with animation exercises. Here’s a video of some pencil tests I made roughly between 2003-2005.

I also discuss important concepts like timing; frames per second; layout, keys, breakdowns, and inbetweens; differences between straight ahead animation and pose to pose, puppet and limited animation as opposed to full, and the concept of ease in and ease out. Like in these tutorials by Jason Ryan from Dreamworks.

Some exercise examples (a few you can see in my college reel) include:

Bouncing Ball

Swinging Pendulum

Flour Sack

Head Turn

Expression Change

A Take

Walk Cycle

Also check out John K’s writeup on the double bounce walk

Run Cycle

4-Legged Walk

4-Legged Guide by Preston Blair

Lifting a Heavy Object

Weight Lift

As long as we’re talking animation stuff, here’s the line test for Richard Williams’s Animator’s Survival Kit logo animation

And here’s the finished version

Finally, to bring up my books on animating post from awhile back, this site takes the Preston Blair animation book and turns the examples into animated gifts to help get the lessons across.