What I Did Today 12/08/15

  • On December 8, 2015 ·
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Remember It’s Punky Brewster? Check out this week’s Billy Badass!

Minecraft and Chill 5.

Got up a bit late today but at least I wasn’t exhausted like yesterday. Went for breakfast with my dad and helped him order something online. Found an old picture of my brother and me while I was at his place, posted it to FB. Came home, spent the evening sorting music for my Patreon video. I have an outline in mind, I just need to script and produce it. I’m going to use the time before bed to dig up some references for tomorrow. I really need to take a day alone to draw and design. There’s always so many fiddly bits to fuss with. If the podcast isn’t finished processing tomorrow I’ll post what’s available.