What I Did Today 12/07/15

  • On December 7, 2015 ·
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Remember It’s Punky Brewster? Check out this week’s Billy Badass!

Minecraft and Chill 5.

Went to bed several times last night. Didn’t manage to fall asleep until about 7:30 this morning. Then I woke up to my dad calling at 10:30. I’ve spent most of my insomnia looking up Patreon information so I can set my campaign up properly. I’m going to tinker with it before launch and get some people to give me feedback. I’m looking forward to putting together graphics and a pitch video. I’m going to take a sleep aid tonight before bed, see if that helps me any.

We recorded this week’s podcast Saturday night but YouTube says it’s still processing. It says it’s over 3 hours but when I hit play it’s half that. The tools I’ve tried ripping it with kick back an error so something’s up. Most stuff I’ve found online says give it time and it should resolve itself so I’ll try waiting it out. If that doesn’t work I’ll dub something up front saying it’s lost. I’ve got the links in the blog post typed out I’m just waiting for the actual recording to upload.