What I Did Today 11/24/15

  • On November 24, 2015 ·
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Happy Thanksgiving from this week’s Billy Badass!

Minecraft and Chill 3.

Went to bed about 7 last night. Woke up four hours later. Decided to come downstairs and read, ended up watching a friend’s livestream. Went back to bed from 3:30 until around 10 when dad called. He wanted to set up a hunting blind, check his trail cams, and get some lunch. We’ve seen deer while we’ve been out there before but this time he saw a buck so he’s pretty excited. Helped him get groceries and hauled them in.

I’ve been looking over the different things you can do with Twitch, such as alerts and chatbots. I like the potential though I know I need to work on building an audience of people who would attend. Video archives are one thing but live stuff is more like an event. I’m thinking I’d like to tie that into a Patreon campaign. I’m just weighing my options right now. I want to record my drawing/animating process and archive it on the channel. I’ll cut my teeth on that over private streams. Once I upgrade my storage setup I’ll probably do that locally. Then I can focus on live events and engaging with people.

I should get back to work and save this researching for later. It’s just tempting with the holiday crunch closing in. You can read articles and collect links, feeling like you’ve got something done when making some art first would have been more productive. I’m going to try to keep my sleep schedule from going off the rails.