What I Did Today 11/05/15

  • On November 5, 2015 ·
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Remember You Can’t Do That on Television? Check out this week’s Billy Badass!

Hangout, watch us play Minecraft, and chill.

Set my alarm for 9 this morning and listened to some podcasts before I went to sleep. I got some breakfast with my dad and then went to a thrift store to find a cheap VGA monitor. Once I got home I set the little computer up to see what shape it was in. After some fussing with my network connection I installed some modern browsers on it. Added a VNC server and removed the keyboard,┬ámouse, and┬ámonitor. Loaded it in a window on my Mac and I’ve been tinkering with it most of the evening. I’ve been trying to install a Minecraft server to test how smoothly it runs. It’s a nice little machine given it’s age. I might update the RAM and plug in some external drives once I get all the software set up.

As for work, I’m going to try setting my alarm for 7 tomorrow. I’ll add some time to my timers so breaks are a bit longer. I’m also only going to focus on one or two things. I’ve still got comics to color/shade though I really want to get back to animating. I’ll try balancing those two, see how I feel. I need to start feeling like I’m allowed the break time as long as I work during the work time.