What I Did Today 11/03/15-11/04/15

  • On November 4, 2015 ·
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Remember You Can’t Do That on Television? Check out this week’s Billy Badass!

Hangout, watch us play Minecraft, and chill.

I wrote a long, thought out post and WordPress ate it. Spent like 10 minutes trying to enable revisions and it never saved the full post.

I’ll probably write all that out again later but for now I’m going to bed. I’m going to try to get more rest and I may end up putting projects on hiatus or taking a break from posting until I’m ready to return to them.

EDIT: Take Two

Tuesday I helped my dad haul some things out of a storage rental the previous user had left behind. One of those things was a computer I intend to tinker with. I had parts for it except my monitor only did DVI and it needed a VGA. Walmart, Best Buy, and Meijer didn’t have an adapter. Frank and Ian wanted to do a hangout and Frank wanted to play some Minecraft so I broadcast it and saved it to YouTube. Ian also let me know the feeds on the site weren’t working properly and apparently we’re not in the iTunes store anymore. (It’s be nice if they¬†would maybe email you to say something’s wrong but then again I wish you could tell iTunes to not stop downloading podcast episodes just because I haven’t listened to any in awhile. But that’s a whole other blog post.) We finished up around midnight and I wasn’t going to fuss with my NaNoWriMo project or anything but I tried writing a WIDT. I decided to try blogging the video, too, and after making a thumbnail realized it was still processing so I couldn’t customize it. Then the site failed to connect and I got an email saying they’d moved my server. I’d had enough and went to bed.

Wednesday my dad needed me to follow him to put his car away in the storage lot. I was feeling very tired and went for dinner with my mom. I mentioned in the previous version of this post that I’d been irritable and tired, probably owing to a number of things. Lack of sleep, dealing with the time change and the underlying stress everybody carries around this time of year. I’d taken some personality tests and came back with INTJ. I don’t take too much stock in online quizzes but it can be a good way to look at how I respond to things. I know I’m introverted and I’m working on being more social. I know I need quiet time alone to recharge after seeing people and to clear my head. I also know people think I don’t have emotions sometimes but I prefer to say I’m more like Mr. Spock. When I feel things they can be overwhelming¬†so I tend to process things in a logical way I can understand. WordPress wasn’t formatting the video in the post correctly as I wrote it and when it posted it just showed the video over and over. I spent time trying to load a previous version only to find it hadn’t saved.

Basically I’ve been trying to think more about my well being. That means getting more rest and either scaling back projects or putting them on hiatus. I could probably use some time away from trying to post things regularly online and just working on projects to build up buffers.