What I Did Today 08/28/15

  • On August 28, 2015 ·
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Remember summer when you were a kid? Come relive some memories at Billy Badass!

Check out the fourth episode of Crafting Mines: A Minecraft Adventure.

Today was spent at my dad’s again trying to get rid of the noise in my rear passenger wheel. He finally got it to stop grinding this evening. I don’t like losing days to non-creative stuff but I need my car in running order.

I also need to properly line up my sleep cycle. I have no real desire to stay up late anymore, I just end up doing it because it’s the only time I can get some peace and quiet to myself. Either that or I’m waiting to talk to people online – a wait that makes less sense the more I do it. I just need to relax, rest up, and get ready to focus on work again.