What I Did Today 06/15/15

  • On June 15, 2015 ·
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Gave myself the weekend off to clean up my media library. It was nice to dive into something that wasn’t comic-related so I appreciated jumping back into work this morning. Spent the day tightening pencils and inking a page. Probably could have done two but the backgrounds required a lot of detail. I’m going to revisit this one on a later day and fix the perspective. I got done laying lines and realized things were pointing in different directions. I’ll free transform things until it all makes sense. I’m free handing lots of things because I don’t like fiddling with rulers. I should probably take a day and get more comfortable with them. They’re powerful but every time I’ve used them it’s a hassle to configure and then if you want to move things you have to stop and fiddle. It just breaks up the flow of working. I have a similar issue with switching brushes and line widths. I know it looks nice to intentionally work in set widths for certain elements but I’d rather just rely on pressure sensitivity and wing it. Luckily the style of the comic is that slightly askew hand drawn look.

I’m feeling better about what I’ve got done so far and how I’m progressing. I just need to stop feeling like I’m on some running clock. As long as I get up and work regularly I should allow myself breaks. I picked up Broforce on the Steam sale. It’s a fun game, if a little buggy. It doesn’t work properly with my PS3 controller on my Mac so I had to map keyboard controls to it with Joystick Mapper. I’ve made it up to stage 25 in the arcade campaign mode. I tried world campaign and couldn’t get past the select screen. Still going to tweak the controls some because it’s easy to die if you don’t have a good handle on the controls.