Raise the roof – er, ceiling

  • On November 23, 2009 ·
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We took down the drop ceiling in my drawing studio this weekend. For now we’re leaving it open until we decide what to do with it. It was getting cumbersome and we’ve been meaning to take it down for awhile. I used it as an excuse to move my computer back from the TV room. Though I liked having my computer hooked up to an HD TV for a second monitor the location was less than ideal. My cat liked to steal my tools and there’s no door on that main room to keep her out. Plus I felt cramped sitting next to the TV and missed my drawing desk. I could come back to the studio to draw, sure, but if I wanted to work from reference I had to either print it out or draw with a clipboard in my lap. I know lap drawing is how plenty of people work, like Rob Liefeld, for example. Personally I’ve always found it a bit shaky and not as easy to produce a good image as sitting down at a desk. Part of it’s the ability to line up rulers better on a solid surface and I’m sure some of it’s mental – feeling like you’re actually at work. I got a new computer desk recently, too. My old one came apart from moving it too much and I’d been using the top of it on this old desk we had in our garage. It had horrible leg room and I was always having trouble with one leg. Bought a sturdy metal desk from Office Max and now I’m back across from the drawing table. (Which still needs cleaning off…)

Being able to slide my chair between the two desks is so very useful. One holds all my digital stuff and the other all my drawing and concept work. I also keep a laundry basket under my computer desk, even though it doesn’t hold laundry anymore. I got used to storing it there in college when space was at a premium and I’ve realized it’s the perfect leg rest. I can stretch my legs out over the top or sit them inside it. It sounds stupid but I really missed it when I came back home and got rid of it. Today I’m cleaning off the drawing table and sorting through all the piles of stuff I’ve accumulated over the years. I’ve made better use of the space in the studio, now realizing how badly I need a bookcase or two, maybe even a cabinet. I had one of those mini bookcases that came with my old desk and it’s overflowing with papers. Paper organizers and the like are so ridiculously expensive. If you’re not careful you can easily get ripped off buying studio and office supplies. You don’t have to pay premium prices to find something that looks nice and is functional. Office supply stores are a little better than arts and crafts shops when it comes to pricing things but not by a whole lot. I’ve heard it recommended that you buy the cheapest tables you can find and spend the most on comfortable chairs. That’s good for your back though I really suggest getting a table you can tilt and angle. One of my profs in college once pointed out that students always lower their seats all the way down, which is silly. If you have it all the way up you can tower over what you’re drawing and see it straight. If you’re looking up at it you’re more likely to see things out of perspective.

Ok, that’s enough blogging for now. I’ve got a studio to clean up and I should at least try to do some blogging before my homeboy Kyle comes up. You may remember him from one of the podcasts. He’s supposed to be visiting this week and I’m gonna try to get him to record some more with me. We usually watch horrible movies together so hopefully we can get another review out to you guys.