The NoRights Podcast: S4E25 – Talking with Caraline

  • On July 13, 2015 ·
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This episode of the show was recorded during our summer break while Ben was in California. Ian and friend of the show Nate talk with Nate’s girlfriend Caraline. Ian brings us some recent headlines.

New Career Opportunities at Martin Jetpack. GM’s cheaper-than-Tesla ‘leccy car tested at batt-powered data centre. Google wants to bring free wifi to the world…. and it’s starting NOW. System Update: Addition of backward compatibility on Xbox One is perfect move. Abort, abort! Metal-on-metal VIOLENCE as Google’s robo-car nearly CRASHES. Solar-powered bra ‘able to charge an iPod’. Intel imagines chips in nappies to create the Internet of sh*t things. Tesla Powerwall & Powerpacks Per-kWh Lifetime Prices vs Aquion Energy, Eos Energy, & Imergy.

All three hunker down for some trivia. Who will emerge victorious this week? Tune in to find out!

You can also watch the video version of the podcast here: