NoRights Podcast: S3E1 – We’ll Do It Live!

  • On January 28, 2014 ·
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Welcome to Season 3 of the NoRights Podcast. Ben and Ian are back and chatting on a regular google hangout on air. Tune in Mondays at 6:00 PM EST at the Live page or on Youtube. You can also join in from Ben’s G+ page.

This week they discuss what they’ve each been up to during the downtime between seasons. Ian shares his thoughts on the new Carrie movie. This of course leads to a discussion on Ben’s bizarre fondness for Stephen King’s The Langoliers.

Ben also brings up some movies he’s seen recently in relation to art such as the Wayne White documentary Beauty is Embarrassing.

And PressPausePlay.

This leads to a conversation of not being a dick online, (both the casual surfer and for people looking to make money ) of supporting things who make stuff you love through such venues as Patreon, and eventually the black box of magic in movies that gets replaced with “science” or “lightning” or in the 50s “radiation”.

And as long as we’re discussing movies, check out this trailer for Loving Vincent.

You can help this film reach it’s goal on Kickstarter.