WIP Wednesday – 10/08/14

  • On October 8, 2014 ·
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Hey everybody, no video this week as I’m working on illustrations rather than animation. (I shot some video of me talking but I won’t subject you guys to that.)

Thumbnails Page 1

Thumbnails Page 2

I’ve been thumbnailing/laying out pages for awhile to get the writing out of the way. I’ve retooled the last story and I’m still not happy with it. It feels like I’m scripting a scifi story instead of a scifi horror. Right around the middle story I went from using little to no dialogue to having lots of dialogue. I’m concerned about trying to force the writing but I’m not sure how it’d fair if I tried winging it while I was drawing. Most of the other stories fit into 10 pages fairly neatly and I’m trying to do that here. Think I’ll try penciling pages and see if I can resolve issues before I move onto inking.