What I Did Today 12/31/15

  • On December 31, 2015 ·
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Remember Adventures of the American Rabbit in this week’s Billy Badass!

Minecraft and Chill 8.

Hope everybody’s having a good, safe New Year’s Eve. I’m using the time to relax, reflect, and let my creative imagination wander.

I’m thinking today and tomorrow are going to be the last regular WIDT entries. They’ve been useful for posting more frequently but I’d really rather move to sharing fuller views of what I’m working on. It’s similar to the Daily Doodles – a good exercise but ultimately I should put my energy into bigger updates.

I’ve blogged before about dealing with anxiety and the sobering ongoing process it’s been. Getting on a regular sleep/work schedule has helped that. For 2016 I’d like to focus more on the projects themselves. I don’t want to just say I’ll update “whenever” because that’d probably lead to the next blog wishing a happy 2017 or something. I want to retool it as more of a review digest, looking at what worked and what didn’t. Something I should be doing anyway.

So happy 2016, everybody. I’ll post more tomorrow.