What I Did Today 12/21/15

  • On December 21, 2015 ·
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Merry Christmas from this week’s Billy Badass!

Minecraft and Chill 7.

Got up this morning and finished Monday stuff. Exported, watermarked, made a preview image for, and scheduled the Tumblr blog post for today’s comic. Typed up and scheduled the blog post for today’s podcast, then I answered some email and listened to the Dirty Old Ladies podcast. Then my dad called. We went for lunch and drove around a bit. When I came home we decided to go for groceries. A few games on my wish list have been on sale so I picked up They Bleed Pixels, Organ Trail, and the Shipwrecked DLC for Don’t Starve.

Today was productive though I wish I’d done more with the second half. I’d felt a bit like a clenched fist with stuff needing to get finished and when it was done I needed to take a bit to relax. I still need to figure out what’s causing the podcast feed to invalidate before it gets kicked off the iTunes store again. (I’ll try stripping it down, see if there’s some setting that shouldn’t be ticked that’s screwing with it.)

Tomorrow I want to come down to the studio, map out my projects for 2016, and just dive into drawing. I need to figure out how I’m going to work my Daily Doodle routine in with my Patreon plans. Maybe I’ll post sketches here and refined versions in the activity feed or post them on Patreon early. I’m still working on specifics. I do know I want my animations to be the focus for next year.