What I Did Today 12/02/15

  • On December 3, 2015 ·
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Remember Pinwheel? Check out this week’s Billy Badass!

Minecraft and Chill 5.

Went to bed early last night, woke up before midnight. Spent some time collecting music for a thing. Stayed up until 4-something in the morning watching CartoonCyborg stream. Went back to bed for awhile, sorted the music I’d collected into possible sections for the thing. Went to dinner and bought groceries. Came home and recorded M&C with the guys.

I’ve decided to do something of a concentration shift. The comics are important to me and I’m going to keep on top of them the best I can. But I really need to start thinking of myself as an animator first. Whenever I try to build up a buffer it gets eaten away before I can progress on other things. So animating is going to be my primary focus on days when I’m in the studio.