What I Did Today 11/17/15

  • On November 17, 2015 ·
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Minecraft and Chill 2.

Got up this morning, showered, had breakfast, came downstairs, and still felt tired. Saw last night’s WIDT was still waiting to be published even after I pressed the button when I went to bed. Apparently that only highlighted the button instead of activating it. Why it would ever do that, your guess is as good as mine.

Decided to nap for awhile and then dad wanted me to come visit. I’m trying to get more rest lately but it’s been something of a challenge. I really need to give myself downtime where I can relax. I tend to feel guilty if I’m not working but working when I’m worn out isn’t any good, either. When I do allow myself downtime I’ll fill it with busywork that’s not actually relaxing and be in the same hole. It’s been frustrating trying to sort things out.

Ultimately I think I need to get better at saying no when I’d rather be alone in my studio. It’s just hard to do when you’re trying to be more sociable.