What I Did Today 11/12/15

  • On November 12, 2015 ·
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Hocus pocus alimagocus! Remember Today’s Special? Check out this week’s Billy Badass!

Minecraft and Chill 2.

Woke up tired this morning. Not usually a good sign when I hear my backup alarm go off. After playing with the cat in bed for awhile I decided I’d just be tired in the studio so I tried sleeping it off. Started getting a sinus headache second time I got up. It’s this cold rainy weather. Dad called for lunch, hung out at his place for awhile and came home. Phone reminded me I had a haircut this afternoon and then we picked up some produce.

Spent most of this evening looking for a more customizable slider for the home page. Realized at some point the current slider disappeared so I had to re-add it. I want something I can pin promotional stuff to the first few slides and then let the rest get filled in by recent posts. The problem with fixing site stuff is the research time involved tracking down a solution. It always starts with, “Let me just tweak this thing here…” Then I find I need a new plugin or I have to edit code or some feature’s missing or plugins are conflicting. Sometimes I’ll find a solution and it’ll just not work because some cache won’t refresh or I don’t have everything else configured right. If something breaks it never speaks up and tells you. It just stops showing up and you have to look like, “Hey didn’t I have a thing here?”

I should really pull everything on the site back to the basics. Or hire a web person. There’s a lot of people I’d hire if I had the scratch.