What I Did Today 10/29/15

  • On October 29, 2015 ·
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Happy Halloween from Billy Badass!

Watch me play Don’t Starve in my new Let’s Play series NoRights Plays…!

Got up to my alarm at 5 this morning. Worked in the studio inking and lettering/ballooning pages. Took breaks like I mentioned on the podcast and felt rather productive. I was taking an extended break and considering a nap around noon when my dad called to do some running around. It was good to get out of the house for a bit.

Spent some time this evening looking over the RAID options I was considering. Debating if I really need the extra processing power and if it’s worth the speed hit for NAS. I just want to figure out the ideal configuration for me. I’m also only allowing myself to fuss over it after I get work done for the day.