What I Did Today 10/27/15

  • On October 27, 2015 ·
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Happy Halloween from Billy Badass!

Watch me play Don’t Starve in my new Let’s Play series NoRights Plays…!

Went to bed at 8 last night, woke up at midnight. Showered, got dressed, and came down to the studio. Spent some time researching RAID solutions and went back to bed about 3:30. Woke up around 1:30, dad invited me over for pizza. Came home, napped until almost 10 to find invites from Frank to craft some mines. Just got done with that a little bit ago.

I think this cold weather is making me tired. I can’t sleep enough and when I wake up I need to do things that keep me busy. Night seems to be the only quiet time I can get, though, so I’m gonna try and make use of that.