What I Did Today 10/23/15

  • On October 23, 2015 ·
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NES memories in this week’s Billy Badass!

Watch me play Don’t Starve in my new Let’s Play series NoRights Plays…!

Frank and I were up to about midnight seeing if he could get on the modded server or if we had to go back to vanilla. He was able to do more this time, though he still has to sort out why his escape key doesn’t work in game. I left my alarms off today and woke up thinking it was around 4 in the morning because it was so dark. Turned out to be 7:30. This season does funny things to you, man.

Tried KanbanFlow today instead of TeamViz. It requires manual restarts, too, but with desktop notifications they’re easier to deal with. I had a nice rhythm going until my dad called to go for lunch. Spent the first session doing some free drawing in Mischief, letting myself draw whatever I felt like at the moment. Realized I should probably have some specific subjects to doodle. I have a short list of things – pin up girls, monsters, supernatural creatures, aliens, space ships – that sorta thing. What I need to do is jot down some character and scene descriptions to run off of. I should be spending time thinking of how to draw the thing, not figuring out what thing to draw. This is good though. It means I’m breaking things down into smaller tasks so I can handle them efficiently. It’s why I was looking for a pomodoro timer/task manager in the first place.

Speaking of figuring things out, I’m thinking more about the time I’m spending not working. It’s often reactionary to things. I’ll want to work but need to spend some quiet time first. I’m sure it comes from being an introvert. I go out with people and then I need some “me” time before I’m able to work again. I’m trying to roll drawing into that time instead of lumping it in with work. Fun drawing exercises will help with that. Having prompts so all I have to worry about when drawing is the act itself will, too.