What I Did Today 08/18/15

  • On August 18, 2015 ·
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It’s somebody’s birthday in Billy Badass! Come help us blow out the candles!

Check out the third episode of Crafting Mines: A Minecraft Adventure.

Gradually trying to get back into a regular sleep cycle. Today was full of lots of little bits of things that needed fixing. Most of my evening has been spent configuring the Newsletter integration for the site. It’s live but still not 100% how I want. My goal was to add a clickable banner on the homepage. That would trigger a popup form to fill out. It’s important to me that this form be triggered by clicking the banner because Tab Closed; Didn’t Read. The theme I use has Features I use on the home page to point to my various projects. These are meant to be in a grid at a certain size. Above that it has Slides that are wider and scroll through. I wanted the banner to be the most notable thing so I made it a slide. Unfortunately I couldn’t use this tutorial to make the link trigger the popup because slides require a URL, not an onclick. For now I’m pointing the banner to a page with the popup on it. I also put a sign up form on the sidebar, after fiddling with a bug that caused widgets to collapse when I tried to edit them.

So yeah, been adjusting the duct tape and bubble gum that holds the site together. Please sign up for the NoRights Newsletter, I’d really appreciate it.