What I Did Today 08/14/15

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Go back to 1993 and the ice age in this week’s Billy Badass as we discuss Cro!

Check out the second episode of Crafting Mines: A Minecraft Adventure.

I was woken up entirely too early this morning. (About 3:30) Thought we’d had a power outage over the night but my computer was still on when I got in the studio. Funnily enough I had a system update waiting that required a restart. Once all that nonsense was done I tried working for a bit. I decided Fridays I want to focus on drawing for fun, off project, and maybe some fan art. I also decided to re-read an old book in my library for a later review.

I doodled some poses but by mid-morning decided to go back to bed. I was then woken up by my dad telling me the arduous tale of finding a replacement for that piece of his truck that came off yesterday. He left and I finished reading that book. I’m thinking I’ll probably film a video review for it. It’d probably be a good idea to write some supplemental material for a blog post, too.