What I Did Today 08/12/15

  • On August 12, 2015 ·
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Go back to 1993 and the ice age in this week’s Billy Badass as we discuss Cro!

Check out the second episode of Crafting Mines: A Minecraft Adventure.

I slept in today as I was up late and I’ve been trying to get a better rest. I spent some time in the studio adding drawings and recording. My anxiety has been like the buzz of a fluorescent light lately and it seems like whenever I get to work it gets louder. It probably wasn’t helped by sleeping in as I rarely feel better when I do so. It just makes me feel like I’ve missed a big chunk of the day and things are out of alignment. I just do it because I know I won’t wake up to an early alarm and if I do it’s sleep deprivation headaches so I might as well sleep.

I think tomorrow it might be a good idea to dig out my noise canceling headphones. My cat’s gotten into the habit of mewing at me wanting chased. (Invariably she hides under a desk which makes trying to play with her a waste of time.) It’s also probably a good idea to do some art stuff before trying to record it so I’m more properly ensconced in the zone.