What I Did Today 08/10/15

  • On August 10, 2015 ·
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Go back to 1993 and the ice age in this week’s Billy Badass as we discuss Cro!

Check out the first episode of Crafting Mines: A Minecraft Adventure.

Today I spent more time than I expected sorting files on my computer. Eventually I got to work on that into animation I started awhile back. I added some drawings, camera movements, and easing. I also recorded it for a WIP video. I think I’ll work on it a few days and record my progression then do a time lapse.

Syncing some of it to audio¬†meant I couldn’t listen to music while I was working, which sucks so much energy out of the room. I worked on it a little more after lunch fixing a motion. (I applied the pegs in the wrong order so the pivot point was getting screwed up.) Right now it feels like an animatic with the little motion that’s been created. I’ll hide the camera and focus on adding more keys, breakdowns, and eventually inbetweens. I can already tell I want to add more shading and lighting to round things out. But I won’t let myself do that until I get more drawings done first. Of course I think I said the same thing about adding camera motion‚Ķ