What I Did Today 08/06/15

  • On August 6, 2015 ·
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Remember the short-lived 90s cartoon Yo Yogi! in this week’s installment of Billy Badass.

Check out the first episode of Crafting Mines: A Minecraft Adventure.

This morning was spent rendering more on that drawing I was working on yesterday. I took one break when my hand started to bother me and worked on it some more until I got sick of it. Then I decided it was time to write some for my newsletter. I started getting light-headed when I finished the piece I was writing. My sinuses have been bothering me and since I’m going in for a physical soon anyway I might as well ask them about that.

Tomorrow I’ll probably work more on the mailing list as I want to get some good articles queued up for it so I can put the sign up form on the site. That’s something I really need to get done and out the door so I can move on with things.