What I Did Today 07/31/15

  • On July 31, 2015 ·
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Remember when MC Hammer was the Saturday morning superhero Hammerman? Check out my webcomic Billy Badass for more!

Spent the morning editing a video. Pretty happy with the way it turned out, too. After lunch I changed some stuff on page ten and shaded page eleven. Usually when I do non-drawing stuff first I worry about getting back into the proper mindset. Today worked out pretty well, all things considered. Still a bunch of miscellaneous stuff I need to do. I’ll see what I can catch up on over the weekend and anything left gets tacked up on the To Do list.

Sometimes I feel like I’m a creative crock pot. I’ll work on things in various stages and then next time I check in, oh hey look, time to put this out there. I liken productivity to playing Don’t Starve. You learn to do things in the downtime you have from working on other stuff until eventually you’ve got a pile of dry grass and you’re not sure where it came from.